X Open Delta Cup 2018, LEVEL III


Organized by: Practical Shooting Club «Delta»

Location: Batajnicki drum bb, Belgrade, Serbia

Contact: Milan Todorovic ;

Tel: +381 11 2190 143

Date: 27 - 28.07.2019

Match Director: Spasoje Vulevic

Range Master: Zoran Stamenkovic - SRB

Stages: 20

Rounds: 400

Match Capacity: 300 main match + 50 pre-match

Pre-Match: 25 - 26.07.2019 - for range officers and others who can not shoot in the match

Pre-Registration: Registrations are available until 01.06.2019 on our web site - click here

Registration fee: 100eur

Team registration fee: 50eur

Squadding schedule: Squads will be created on the basis of registration. Shooter will be registered after entry fee payment only. If you would like to be in a squad with your friend(s), include his/her name(s) on the registration sheet. It will not be easy to made personal changes in squadding after registration deadline and organizer cannot guarantee it.

Rules / penalties: According to the IPSC Rule Book

Safety considerations: As is stated in the IPSC Rule Book. Wear of the eye and ear protection is mandatory in the range area. These areas will be clearly marked. All stages are in boxes with safety angle 180 degrees.

Arbitration procedure: According to the IPSC Rule Book

Division: Open, Standard, Production, Revolver, Classic, Production Optics

Categories: Lady, Junior, Competitors, Senior over 50, Super senior over 60


Thu 25.07.201909:00 – 12:00Pre-Match
Thu 25.07.201912:00 – 13:00Lunch Break
Thu 25.07.201913:00 – 18:00Pre-Match
Thu 25.07.201909:00 – 18:00Main Match Registration & Gun check
Fri 26.07.201909:00 – 12:00Pre-Match
Fri 26.07.201912:00 – 13:00Lunch Break
Fri 26.07.201913:00 – 18:00Pre-Match
Fri 26.07.201908:00 – 20:00Main Match Registration & Gun check
Sat 27.07.201908:00 – 09:00Main Match Registration & Gun check
Sat 27.07.201909:00 - 13:00Main Match
Sat 27.07.201913:00 – 14:00Lunch Break
Sat 27.07.201914:00 – 18:00Main Match
Sun 28.07.201908:30 – 13:00Main Match
Sun 28.07.201913:00 – 14:00Lunch Break
Sun 28.07.201915:00 Award ceremony

About Serbia and

Serbia is a located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe in the central Balkans.

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